Interview: Kicknut

Can you share your musical journey with us, from when you first discovered your passion for music to where you are today as an independent musician?

FULL CIRCLE. ⭕️ Listening to cool 90s Rock and Hip Hop as a wee lad. Working as a jobbin musician in NYC: playing the uncool hits, burning out. Thanking the almighty powers of the universe to find KICKNUT and return to making bad ass music with friends, laughing and rocking out as hard as humanly possible.

What motivates you to create music, and how do you stay inspired to continue making new and unique music?

Jokes with friends. Memes. Over-caffeinated, hot showers. 80s action movies. The thought of people using your lyrics to make someone else laugh.

As an independent musician, you wear many hats – from composing to marketing. How do you balance these different aspects of your career, and what challenges do you face in the process?

“Everyone is good at something, Find what your good at and do the heck out of that.” A stripper from pumps told me that one time. Her schtick was being a kinda dorky girl, with the glasses. It worked. So find what you do, outsource the rest. We live in NYC surrounded by talented peoples, so we can always find someone!

Could you tell us about your creative process? How do you come up with new ideas for songs, and how do you go about turning those ideas into finished tracks?

We write together, in a studio like an old school band, making jokes. We are not nerds sitting at a laptop alone in our mom’s basement. With song ideas, it’s critical in a 3 piece band because it always end up two peoples verses one person. If all parties don’t 100 vibe, the idea doesn’t survive. Your soul gets crushed and you may never recover, but that is show business.

Independent musicians often face financial challenges. How do you manage your finances to sustain your music career while also covering your personal expenses?

We play weddings to pay for cool music. Another member of the band makes music to chill to, he has passive income dreams.

Can you share a particularly memorable or challenging experience from your journey as a musician that has had a significant impact on your career and personal growth?

The first time I heard an electric guitar, I ran out of the room in fear. Now I play one everyday.

With the rise of digital platforms, the music industry has changed significantly. How do you navigate the digital landscape, including streaming services and social media, to promote your music and connect with your audience?

Doing the best we can, by doing interviews with SOUNDHUB yo! thanks to you for helping us. Other than that, we hustle and grid the same way everyone else does.

Collaboration is a key part of the music industry. Have you worked with other musicians or producers, and how have these collaborations influenced your sound and career?

All day, everyday. It’s the only way. AGAIN, only nerds work alone in the basement.

Your music likely reflects your unique style and perspective. Could you describe your musical identity and what makes your sound stand out in a crowded industry?

We are actual 90s babies, making the music our teen selves would be cheering for and proud of us making!

What role does live performance play in your music career, and how do you approach planning and executing your live shows, especially in light of recent challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic?

For this band: ZERO. we currently don’t play live, even though everyone of us is professionals backing up other musicians for a living…HAHA!

Many fans are interested in the stories behind the songs. Could you share the backstory or inspiration behind one of your recent tracks that holds special meaning to you?

GRIND ZONE is pure collaboration about whipping the work. Two of three members love to wake up early and grind out work all day. One just likes to chill. So it’s about that. GRINDING.

Looking ahead, what are your future goals and aspirations as an independent musician? Are there any upcoming projects or exciting developments in your career that you’d like to share with your fans and the audience?

To continue to release music that THROBS.