Lucas Roy ”I’ve been singing since I was a kid”

Can you share your musical journey with us, from when you first discovered your passion for music to where you are today as an independent musician?

I’ve been singing since I was a kid. I learned a lot about singing by just driving around with my parents listening to 90s country in the car. I was never afraid to sing the songs and I truly believe that’s what helped me become a good singer. Writing songs came about 18 years ago. I actually remember writing my first song – it was inspired by Paolo Nutini’s Song “Shoes”. I’ve also liked writing and using words to create something unique and special.

What motivates you to create music, and how do you stay inspired to continue making new and unique music?

Writing and creating music is like a form of therapy to me. Everytime I write it helps me release inner thoughts and even feelings. Sometimes when Im digesting a feeling or having a bad day, it’s helpful for me to write about it and get my words on paper and flowing. A lot of times it will help me realize the root of the struggle and give me the strength needed to soldier on and get through.

As an independent musician, you wear many hats – from composing to marketing. How do you balance these different aspects of your career, and what challenges do you face in the process?

I find myself being drawn to revenue creation and also making music that lasts. Sometimes I feel that I get caught up too much on building a business or social media and not enough on just writing and developing my craft.

Could you tell us about your creative process? How do you come up with new ideas for songs, and how do you go about turning those ideas into finished tracks?

I write songs in a couple of different ways. Typically, my songs are drawn from everyday conversations. Maybe it’s a comment I hear in passing or words from personal conversations. Usually I’ll write and try to just get the thoughts on paper. The idea of the song comes from the emotion of the words, and the lyrics come after. I try my best to go for conversational lyrics – and sometimes that’s not easy. Using logical thought seems to be the best way to get there – and then develop the lyric as an artform after you have the true meaning of the song.

Independent musicians often face financial challenges. How do you manage your finances to sustain your music career while also covering your personal expenses?

I have a commercial production studio that works with corporate clients but can also feed my needs as an artist. I also have a bunch of sidehustles that bring me in extra money so I have time to do what I want and don’t have to beg for time off. It’s a great life – I’ve been self employed for almost a decade. I’m grateful for it everyday!

Can you share a particularly memorable or challenging experience from your journey as a musician that has had a significant impact on your career and personal growth?

Back in 2017 I connected with someone through soundcloud. After some genuine chatter and conversation, he invited my to Iceland to play in a couple of festivals. It was such an incredible trip and experience. I learned a lot from not only the trip, but also the action. It took such a small amount of action, kind words, and just honest connection – but the result of it all ended up being so big and powerful I could have never predicated it. So What I learned was to connect with people – not to get something but because human connection is powerful. And one person could change your life!

With the rise of digital platforms, the music industry has changed significantly. How do you navigate the digital landscape, including streaming services and social media, to promote your music and connect with your audience?

I need to more. It’s really useful when you focus your energy and time on it. Lately I’ve found myself being drawn less and less away from social media and techniology and trying to make in person connections. It might not be the best way to get famous – but I’m not trying to be famous. Im trying to be me, live a happy and healthy life, and create art.

Technology though is the best follow up after a good in person connection. So I use it mostly to maintain relationships.

Collaboration is a key part of the music industry. Have you worked with other musicians or producers, and how have these collaborations influenced your sound and career?

I like collaborating with people because the open my eyes to things I might not see/hear. In my experience, everytime I collaborate with someone, we get a fresh take on any idea that’s presented. No ones experience in life is the same so having those unique perspectives surrounding you helps shape the art in a way that one singular mind could not imagine. I always write better songs when collaborating for this reason. I become a better Writer when I collaborate with other artists because the uniqueness of our lives.

Your music likely reflects your unique style and perspective. Could you describe your musical identity and what makes your sound stand out in a crowded industry?

My sound is very acoustic and driven by powerful lyrics and song meaning. I think what makes me stand out is that is my unique voice and lyrical phrasing.

What role does live performance play in your music career, and how do you approach planning and executing your live shows, especially in light of recent challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic?

Since Covid I’ve played less shows for sure. Covid helped me realize that I love performing, but that my real passion is in creating. Whether its music or building something, I love the process of taking an idea and making it come alive. I will always love a good crowd that brings a high level of energy – there’s something special about that nothing else can replace.

Many fans are interested in the stories behind the songs. Could you share the backstory or inspiration behind one of your recent tracks that holds special meaning to you?

I was going through some legal and personal battles and I felt like I needed a strength that I didn’t have. That’s what inspired my new song “Courage of my youth”. Fighting our inner demons and the voices in our head that constantly question “Is this worth it? Is being an artist really worth the battle?”

Looking ahead, what are your future goals and aspirations as an independent musician? Are there any upcoming projects or exciting developments in your career that you’d like to share with your fans and the audience?

Yes! I have a new song coming out on May 31. Its called “Courage of my youth” – My goal is to have it hit 50,000 plays by the end of 2024!

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