Taylor Vick (Formerly Of Boy Scouts) Shares ‘Place That I Believe From’

Bay Area singer and songwriter Taylor Vick – formerly known under the moniker Boy Scouts – is releasing her first song under her own name. Titled “Place That I Believe From”, listen to the tender track below.

“I wrote “Place That I Believe From” about my attempt to locate the unlocatable – the ineffable and elusive ‘place’ inside of me where my beliefs are born from and exist within,” Vick describes. “It represents another stride in my lifelong pursuit of meaning and my obsession with life’s mysteries. Examining an emotion carefully and questioning it, seeking to understand where it came from, what it is, and why it’s here, in an attempt to better know myself.”

She continues: “This song, as well as all of my existing music, can now be found under my name, Taylor Vick. I’m retiring the name Boy Scouts for many reasons, in part because of the cease and desist I received, but mostly because it was time to pause and pursue some of my heart’s other desires. I have since began sitting at the bedside of folks on hospice as a volunteer, completed a Death Doula training, and started working full time as an activity’s assistant/end-of-life companion at a nursing home.”